5 tips for delivering Valentines day flowers

Flowers and Valentine’s Day have always been the unbeatable power duo since the holiday first came to be. There’s no denying that the best way to get any sweet message across is to gift your loved one a beautiful batch of blooms, which is why sending flowers is especially a much-needed tradition for this love-filled holiday!
We know that delivering flowers from online services can be a little intimidating at first, but trust us: once you get the hang of it, there’s no going back. Not only are there so many options to choose from, you’re just a click away from gifting your romantic partner, family members, and even your best friends the brightest arrangements out there!
Send flowers to Hanoi
Flowers for Valentines day

Here are our 5 tips on buying flowers for this upcoming Valentine’s Day online!

1. Plan Ahead
It’s so easy to think that last-minute purchases are always an option, and although they’re convenient for all those busy bees out there, it’s always recommended that you plan ahead when it comes to buying flowers online. With holidays like Valentine’s Day where flowers are a popular gift choice, it’s easy for certain selections to get sold out as you get closer to the date.
If the flower delivery service you chose gives you the option to schedule your delivery ahead of time, then you’re more likely to send the flowers you know your recipient will absolutely love! No more moments of disappointments of panics when that lovely bouquet of ranunculus runs out of stock.
2. Do Some Research
Before you go ahead and put that one bouquet in your online cart, there’s probably some things you should read into. If you can find any reviews or testimonials about the flower delivery service, you should spend a bit of time making sure people are satisfied with the bouquets they receive.
It’s also important to keep in mind that certain flowers may not arrive like the way they were pictured on the site, but this doesn’t mean that something went wrong. Blooms such as lilies and tulips can sometimes be delivered in bud form to ensure freshness and even a longer vase life. So don’t fret!
A good way to catch this before you place an order can be to look up any reviews that come with photos of the arrangements straight out of the box. This can give you an idea of what to expect ahead of time and prevent any unnecessary panic.
3. Be Prepared
It’s always ideal that a flower arrangement is paired up with a vase, and sometimes, your recipient doesn’t have one handy to use. Luckily, it’s possible to purchase one through the flower delivery service itself. If the online website gives you the option to buy a vase with your flowers, it’s probably for the best that you do!
Because no sender wants that awkward text from their recipient about not having a vase to put their brand-new floral arrangement in – yikes!
Prevent the Sniffles 

Let’s face it – flowers are oh-so-beautiful but can also be not-so-friendly to those who have allergies. If you know your loved one will probably get the sniffles from a bouquet (or you just don’t want to take any risks), make sure you choose an arrangement of hypoallergenic flowers! Our personal favorites are tulips and hydrangeas, of course.
And luckily, roses are part of that list so you don’t have to choose any alternative for everyone’s favorite classic bloom!
5. Read the Florist shop review
With a big holiday like Valentine’s Day coming up, you can only imagine how many flower orders a lot of online services receive around this time. With such a high volume of purchases made, things can get hectic. Maybe something goes wrong and your arrangement gets sent to the wrong address or it’s just a total no-show – yikes!
But of course, mistakes can be fixed with some reliable customer service. Before you put your flower order into your cart, read the fine print about the company’s redelivery or reimbursement policies. You can even get some reassurance by peeking at some previous customers’ experiences. If the flower delivery service of your choice offers transparent communication with purchasers, then you’ll likely feel more at ease placing your order. No buyer’s remorse here!
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Red rose heart shaped arrangement Hanoi

Here at Florist Hanoi, we want to make sure every floral experience leaves you more than satisfied. Not only do we offer the freshest blooms in the market, we provide all the flower-lovers out there with nothing short of transparency – in pricing, in our products, you name it!
Need to get some flowers to your loved one for Valentine’s Day? Order from our most romantic valentines day flowers collection today!

Top 5 most romantic flowers for Valentines day

Valentine’s Day is a time of flowers. With so many beautiful emotional bouquets and types of flower to choose from you might not be alone in wondering where to start with Valentines day flowers. To make things a bit simpler, we’ve collated the top 5 most romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day 2020, so anyone can successfully pick the perfect bouquet for their lover on February 14th.

Let’s see which flowers will do the most impressing for the day of lovers this year?

5. White lilies
white lilies bouquet delivery Hanoi
White lilies

Pure white lilies offer a dazzling message of sincere love to your bouquet. They are the perfect flowers for an enlightened partner who always knows the right thing to do.

4. White orchids
best flowers for Valentines day 2020
white orchids
Another stunning white flower that will make a beautiful bouquet seem heavenly. A white orchid is a gift that will show your pure intentions, whilst adding a touch of refinement to your romantic gift. It’s also an ideal flower to gift to someone you’re engaged to as it is often used at weddings.

3. Red tulip
romantic flowers for Valentines day 2020
Red tulips
Whilst their not quite in season yet, tulips are a wonderful alternative to roses. Red tulips especially are known for expressing strong feelings of love for your partner and are.

2. Red Alstroemerias
most romantic Valentines day flowers
Red alstroemeria
Surprise! It’s another red flower, but this time it’s something a little different. The humble alstroemeria (sometimes known as the Peruvian lily) is right up in our top three of perfect Valentine’s flowers for 2020. Why? Because they are bubbly flowers that conjure up feelings of enthusiasm and energy. In red they carry an extra burst of passion and adoration that we feel deserves recognition.

1. Red rose
Most romantic flowers for Valentines day 2020
Red rose
Let’s be honest, it couldn’t be anything other than red roses at number one. Whether it’s a single red rose or a bouquet of 100 each rose adds extra significance to your message.

Will you be giving these flowers on Valentine’s Day or does your beau prefer something a bit more specific? Tell us your choices for the perfect Valentine’s flowers for 2020 in the comments below.

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3 reasons to send Valentines day flowers to girlfriend's workplace

Flowers are the best conveyor of love and if you are still to express your love to your girlfriend then don’t hold up any longer. Love is supposed to be spread universally and therefore keeping it in your heart won’t take you to your destination. Hence, be courageous, be bold, and send Valentines day flowers online with Florist Hanoi to the love of your life with whom you desire to spend the rest of your life.
These charming and aromatic floral bouquets will sure put a smile on your girlfriend’s face. Consider following reasons to send an attractive bouquet of blooms to your romantic partner which will definitely be appreciated.

1. It is totally unexpected for her.

Beautiful heart shaped pink rose
Table rose arrangement for Valentines day

Surprising gestures are a great means to express love in any relationship because they’re special and genuine. In addition, they’re the parts of a relationship that each person will memorize throughout his/her life. So don’t miss the opportunity to use the language of flowers to express your romantic feelings towards your girl a day early and give her a beautiful surprise

2. Make her feel special

Sending flowers will bring a smile to her face at work.

A surprise delivery of flowers not only perks up your girl’s day but it will definitely make her feel special in front of her colleague. There is no doubt that after receiving a bouquet she and the gift will get some attention from the other co-workers in her office. It will make her feel even more beloved and beautiful. So get brownie points by astonishing her with a gift of a floral bunch that will bring a smile to her face at work.

3. Tell her she is loved 

Beautiful rose bouquet for Valentines day
Flowers can be an intimate way to say “I love you"

It is frequently said that actions converse louder than words. Gifting flowers have been traditionally used to show beloved person love and care. In a loving relationship, flowers can be an intimate way to say “I love you” to your loved one from far away. Sending your girlfriend Valentines day flowers will not only make her feel out of the ordinary but she will feel much loved as well.
If you are planning on sending flowers to your girlfriend then keep in mind the following things.
Consider her work environment – If she works in a formal office environment where she has her own desk then sending blooms there might be suitable.

Personal Preference – If your loved one is introvert and reserved, she may not be glad about this showy present. In opposition, if she is an admirer of attention, getting this attractive bouquet delivered to her workplace may be just what she desires.
Though you might use small gestures every now and then during the year to convey her how you feel, February 14 is the only one day you can go for it. Valentine’s Day is the ideal time of year to express to your soul partner how much you care. One way to show your special person that you do listen to her when she tells her favorite things is, send her a bouquet formed from all her favorite flowers and colors to her workplace.

8 best reasons to send flowers to Hanoi, Vietnam

Flowers are one of the best things on earth, and you really don’t need any special occasion to send flowers to your loved ones. From Valentine’s day to Mother’s day, Grandparents Day, or anything, flowers are fabulous picks as gifts.

Flowers have long been a symbol of love and care and while you might find people who say that flowers wither and they aren’t so important, one can’t deny the role flowers play in our daily lives and how important they are. Everyone cares in one way or the other.

Flowers are also one of the easiest and the most cost-effective ways to add beauty and happiness into our lives. Whether you are buying it for yourself or someone else you love, I’ve always been a person with a thought that we all should send and receive flowers, anytime, every time.
Here we list the 8 best reasons to send flowers to your loved ones.

1. To express your love

Sending flowers to express your love

Whether you are sending flowers to your loved ones, a wife, a husband, a parent or a friend, doing so is a perfect way to express your love. Flowers are for everyone and not just for lovers or spouses either. Flowers are a perfect way of saying that you love them and make them believe that they are important in your life.

2. To make someone smile

Did you see your partner sad and feeling lonely? Or, maybe your dad is distressed beacause of the workload at his office. Send them flowers right away. Flowers cherish everyone and they can make someone smile in no time. The blossoms and the sweet fragrance that flowers behold can change anyone’s mood and make them feel good.

3. To apologize

If you had a fight with someone you loved and finding it difficult to  say “I’m sorry,” send them flowers. Apologizing every time with words can be difficult even when you know that you are wrong. Sending flowers can act as a gesture to apologize and open up a few lines and communicate again.

4. To celebrate

Send flowers to celebrate your friend's birthday
Is your friend’s birthday or opening ceremony coming up? Or, maybe someone in your family is going to get engaged. Is your parent’s anniversary coming up? Flowers are a perfect gift for any kind of celebration and they are a great way to celebrate the little things in life

5. To show sympathy

There are times when you don’t know what to say when something bad happens. When your loved ones go through accidents, or a death or something that makes them feel bad, you can send flowers to express your sympathy.

6. To show kindness

We’ve all wanted the world to be kind and heard about random acts of kindness. Pick a loved one in your contact list on your phone; it can be your colleague, your sister, brother or anyone you adore and send them a bouquet of flowers. Imagine how good they will feel about the gift. Wonderful, right?

7. To uplift someone

Sometimes words can’t say it all and this is when flowers can bring warmth and comfort in someone’s lives. Considering sending flowers to anyone who requires some sort of emotional support right now and see how it’ll boost their morale and bring positivity in their lives.
If you are sending flowers, roses especially, to your love of life, Florist Hanoi has a great list of the meaning by number and color of roses, you might want to check out.

8. Because – for absolutely no reason at all

Make someone smile with beautiful flowers
Who says you need a reason? Even if none of the reasons above fit, then this one will. Just because. I think that’s the best reason of them all. (Just so you know… tulips are my favourite – you know, just in case…)

Flowers are an incredible gift, they can say so much and mean so much to different people. And there’s been a big shift in women buying flowers for men and that is amazing. Just because you’re a male doesn’t mean you don’t value a beautiful bunch of flowers. Men need to feel loved and thought of, too.

So make today the day that you send someone a bouquet of flowers. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. Head over to the Florist Hanoi to find the reason to send flowers to your loved ones.

Valentines Day Flowers in Hanoi, Vietnam

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you sure want to win some hearts this special day. What better way than to gift roses and bouquet of Valentines flowers and convey your feeling of love to your beloved? Flowers have long been an integral aspect of expressing love, and this is a special day to strengthen your bond of romance.
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Express your love with Valentine's Day Flowers

Send Valentines Day Flowers to Hanoi

Roses, tulips, daisies, carnations- pick your choice of flowers. You can send Valentines Day flowers online anywhere across the world on this day. So, why not use this benefit and send Valentine flowers online to your love? A quick online search will yield you thousands of results. But select the florists who stock fresh petals and are trustworthy for Valentine’s Day flower delivery. Select the best package and know in advance the time for delivering the flowers. If you live abroad, online flower delivery is a fabulous way of conveying your feelings of love. Send Valentine’s Day flowers to Hanoi and this is indeed a great way to express your message beautifully and efficiently.

Order Valentines Day Flowers to Hanoi

Hanoi Valentines Day flowers
Surprise your lover with a sweet bouquet of flowers

Online florists offer a wide variety of choices complete with doorstep delivery, and the benefit is you can order Valentine’s Day flower delivery day or night from the confines of your home with just the click of a button. Red rose is the ultimate symbol of love and passion. Surprise your lover with a sweet bouquet of beautiful red roses that will convey your feelings. Love does not need words to express; flowers will do the job beautifully. Send Valentine flowers online and wonderfully reveal your emotions. Reiterate the strong bonding between you no matter how far you are by sending valentine flowers online. Order Valentines Day flowers to Hanoi to your beloved and don’t let the distance come in the way of your love.

Valentines Flower Delivery online in Hanoi

There is no better time than Valentine’s Day to tell someone about your feelings for them. Tag a lovely thought into a card and put in words what is in your heart. Attach this and send it with Valentine flower online. This sweet gesture is sure to win the heart and evokes a strong feeling of everlasting love. Couples eagerly wait for this special day so that their emotions can be expressed beautifully. Send 99 or 100 red roses, but let them know that your love for them will last forever. Opt for the best Valentine’s Day flower delivery services that will deliver beautifully scented fresh flowers at the said time and day.
Send Valentines Day flowers to Hanoi
100 red rose arrangement for Valentine's Day

Indeed, the bond of love is so pure that it is capable of transcending all the boundaries and what better day and way than to send Valentine flowers online. The modern day of science and technology has shortened the physical distances and why not take advantage of it by the Valentine flowers online delivery?

It is the time to express and celebrate the bond of eternal love. Flatter your love with Valentine’s Day flowers.

Buy flowers online for Vietnamese Women's Day in Hanoi

Order Flowers for Vietnamese Women's Day in Hanoi 20th October

Flowers are a symbol of Women's Day. In Vietnam this is no exception. People from countries around the world celebrate by decorating with flower arrangements and delivering flowers to powerful women in their life. Men and women can honor their mothers, wives, girlfriends, and female colleagues with flowers on Vietnamese Women's Day. In Hanoi, Vietnam, it's not just boyfriends and husbands sending flowers to the women in their lives, but also bosses and colleagues. With bouquets of roses, lilies, orchids, tulips, and more, you can’t go wrong when sending flowers to share how you feel about the special women in your life.
Buying flowers online in Hanoi
Send flowers to Hanoi on Vietnamese Women's Day

Vietnamese Women's Day Flowers Delivery

There are many ways you can celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day. In addition to ordering flowers online for the strong women in your life, you can buy a gift and send it with the flowers. In our website, we also have some gifts for you. Do a little research and send a beautiful bouquet to an event near you. You can even order last-minute because same-day flower delivery is available on most arrangements. Place your order before 3:00 PM, Monday - Friday, or 12:00 PM, Saturday or Sunday (in your recipient's time zone). Every flower sends a different message, so learn the meaning of flowers and pick the perfect bouquet for the special women in your life.

Flowers free Delivery services

Celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day by sending a wonderful bouquet of fresh flowers to the women who have most inspired you.
Let the inspirational women in your life know how much they mean to you with our free flower delivery service in Hanoi.
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Hanoi Women's Day flowers delivery

Gift Ideas for Vietnamese Women's Day

Just how do you celebrate Vietnamese Women's Day? The most popular gift for this holiday is flowers, so pair a wo-worthy bouquet with a sweet sentiment she'll never forget!

Send flowers to Hanoi

Sending flowers to Hanoi is a fast and convenient way of having flowers delivered to a friend, family member, loved one or even a colleague for a special occasion or perhaps ‘just because’. Florist Hanoi is so glad to help people make their friends, family, colleagues and loved ones happy.
Sending flowers online to Hanoi, Vietnam
Sending beautiful flowers to Hanoi

We are 1 of the leading online florist shop in Hanoi, specializing in sending flowers to Hanoi. With affordable rates, simply select from our choice of online flowers to get fresh, beautiful flowers delivered to Hanoi for that special occasion. Put a smile on someone’s face – everyone loves getting flowers.

Fast flower delivery Hanoi

Fast Flower delivery Hanoi - that's our specialty! So from start to finish, we strive to provide the quickest, most reliable delivery service. We are able to deliver flowers within 2 hours on orders. With Florist Hanoi, you can surprise her with a fresh flower delivery and great service.

Our online order system takes just three steps: browse our site, choose your ideal product, along with the perfect size and any extra add-on; then fill in your recipient’s details before checking out. That’s really all it takes, leave the rest to us!

Established since 2005, Florist Hanoi aims to provide a quick, convenient service delivery flowers to Hanoi, Vietnam. We have quickly established ourselves as Hanoi’s premier online florist by catering specifically towards delivering fresh, premium quality flower arrangements and bouquets throughout Hanoi, therefore, allowing us to offer a friendly local service whilst ensuring high standards of quality and great prices. Unlike many online florist who use relay service, all of our flowers are delivered direct from us. When you pick up the phone or email us, you will be dealing directly with one of our friendly and experienced florists.
Ordering flower online to Hanoi
Florist Hanoi support convenient service flower online to Hanoi

Best flowers delivery Hanoi

Florist Hanoi is an online flower shop based in Hanoi with same day flower delivery, having its own dedicated workshop and qualified staffs. We believe experience counts and our florist have over 10 years combined experience in delivering the best bouquets and arrangements to your loved ones.

As a top florist in Hanoi, each of our floral gifts get the time and personalized attention they deserve. Our hand-arranged bouquets are personally delivered to your recipient, so they are guaranteed to receive fresh, beautiful flowers every time.

If you have problems deciding on an arrangement, you can call us directly and speak to our friendly staff. Or you can come to our store and Florist Hanoi will be more than happy to show you blooms that are in stock.

Whether you order flowers online, order over the phone or visit our store, you will be able to select beautiful floral arrangement that are perfect for any kind of occasion.
Send flowers to Hanoi is very easy and convenient
Florist Hanoi has beautiful flower arrangement for any kind of occasion

When you ordering online for flowers to Hanoi, you are guaranteed a handmade arrangement by our florist. It will be delivered with special attention to your instructions. Contact or visit us now and make somebody feel extra special today.